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China's first full-smart rooms

Zhotels (Zhishang hotels) is a stylish , technology , and health-oriented hotel brand with new concepts . Together with Podinn Hotels, Zhotels is a subsidiary of Zhuyou Hotel Group . The hotel is created jointly by well-known designers and digital experts nationwide , and focuses on providing a stylish and technology advanced experience of rest for young , intelligent , and vibrant urban business travelers and new experience explorers.

Enter the Zontrol Mobile Application by scanning the two-dimensional barcode (the QR Code) to control the lighting, temperature , curtain through wireless network and the screen of entertainment center ;
The USB charging socket is within the reach to provide great convenience to business and leisure travelers with multiple digital devices ;
The wireless network with a bandwidth of 200 megabytes not only can provide high-speed internet surfing experience, but also can supply with latest entertainment programs for online watching freely ;
“360° Freedom to Sleep ” mattresses with super pure natural latex can help guests to get into a deep sleep quickly ;
Healthy, low-calorie, and nutritious breakfast carefully selected by nutritionists will bring you a fresh morning with vitality .
Zhotels (Zhishang hotels) has landed in Hangzhou, Beijing, Urumqi and other cities.
Whether you are on business trip or leisure travel, Zhotels (Zhishang hotels) is your Smart Choice.
We provide not only stylish, technology, comfortable, and healthy restaurant and hotel services, but also hotel management services.